background of attahiyat

backgroundThe words ‘attahiyat’ and ‘at-tayyibat’ mean the same thing in Arabic. This is because the two words are synonymous. For example, ‘attahiyat’ means the recitation of prayers, and’s-salawat’ means the recitation of the Quran. Likewise, ‘tayyibat’ means’recitation of the Quran.’

Attahiyat is one of the most important Islamic prayers. But what is the history of this prayer? This article will explain its origin and how it came to be. Let us begin with the Prophet Muhammad and the Messenger of Allah. The Prophet and Jibreel were travelling to a faraway lote tree called Sidrat al-Muntaha during the Mi’raj. The Messenger of Allah prayed in front of the tree. Then, when he finished praying, he called the two men and told them to call Allah.