Anime background – Xeni Jardin

The artist Xeni Jardin is a famous blogger who has a suspicious background. She started her blog because she wanted to share her love of travel with the world. There is no proof of any professional experience, but her wikipedia page says she was a site editor for Traveltrust, a website that promotes sustainable tourism. The wiki page is a sham, but it is true that Jardin worked there. She now works as a freelance writer and is known for her whimsical art, which makes her work so unique.

background Garden – Add Beauty to Your Projects With Animated background Garden

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Xeni Jardin is a travel blogger who started a website after being fired from a job in the travel industry. She was never employed by a travel agency and her wikipedia page doesn’t mention any previous work in the field. The only evidence that she was ever employed by a travel agency is a quote from her wikipedia page, which claims she worked as a site editor at the travel site Traveltrust. Regardless of whether or not she actually did work at the company, that does not make her an expert in the field.