background item

background items allow you to display images or video within a scene’s background plane. They act as a reference to create geometry and may be anything from a photograph to a line drawing or blueprint. The images and video will be scaled to fit the viewport, and can be saved in a variety of common formats. They can also be manipulated using standard transform tools. If you want to change the background image of a scene, you can add new images by dragging and dropping them into the drop zone.

The background image in your document should be described in a semantic way to help screen readers recognize it and make the appropriate adjustments. If the background image contains critical information, you should also describe it in the document semantically. This applies to all elements, including :first-line and :first-letter. You can also use a :first-letter-of-document: div,:background-image, or a video to provide additional information.


Once you’ve created a background item, you can adjust the size of it. This means that you can adjust its position and image scaling, and use the ruler tool to gauge how much it needs to be resized. In addition, you can change the transparency of your backdrop items. Note that this may cause your scene to run slower. A simple way to test the effect of a background item is to select it as a starting point and adjust the size until it matches the viewport.


A Floating Flower is a background item in the Cloudy Peaks. If you place one of these items on the ground, it will give you Banapple and Starberry, but it can also give you a few unique items, such as a Starburst, Starry Earring, or Sun and Moon Staff. In addition, the Floating Flower is a background item in the Darklight Castle. This background item will also give you a Thorny Flower. This is the only location where you can find this background item.


A background image can be set for the entire page or only an individual background item. The url property can be a URL or a path in the Customer’s Canvas gallery. In both cases, you must specify the prefix “public” and “private” to make it possible to display a specific image. You can also set the background image to overlay the design. Once you’ve approved your design, a preview mockup will appear.