background design nature drawing

When you are working on a nature drawing, you want to use a background design that reflects the scene you are trying to depict. A landscape background has more detail and can even suggest a mood. While a portrait background should be simple, it is important to use a color that does not detract from the subject. The goal is to showcase both the subject and its setting. This means you should use a light color for the background.

Long lines should be avoided in the background design of your artwork. These are often boring and unattractive, so you need to break them with other elements in your composition. You may think that drawing a plain paper background will be easy, but this is not the best solution if you are creating a complex composition. Backgrounds should unify the entire picture. Also, when designing a nature drawing, try to choose a color that compliments the main object.


For a nature drawing, you should try using a background that is both colorful and simple. This way, the focus of your image will come in clear. Moreover, you can use a one or two-point perspective to draw the background. A background is an integral part of a composition and can make or break a piece of art. So be sure to spend enough time and energy in designing a background design for your painting. You will be surprised by the beautiful results you get from incorporating a colorful background.