Assassin Wallpaper ideas For Roleplaying

If you’re looking for a cool character Image for your next RPG, then consider an Assassin. An Assassin is a person who specializes in sabotage, and he or she has a wide range of contacts from all walks of life. These contacts may include people who trained them, burned their identities, owed them money, or sheltered them in a time of need. These contacts can be related to your character, or they may simply be people they’d like to help you out in the future. These are all important things to consider when creating a profile for your assassin, and they are completely up to the discretion of your DM.

When you play an Assassin, you will most likely be a secret agent or spy. These are the ideal characters for roleplaying because they are skilled at drawing a dagger. However, if you are not the sort of person who likes to use weapons, you can always go for a more conventional assassin background. The Rank 3 character is a pyromaniac, with burn marks all over his body and a red Mohawk. His primary weapon is a flamethrower or a machine gun. His main objective is to kill people, but this is a tough job, so you will need to choose carefully.