AriZona Tea Wallpaper ideas

backgroundIf you’ve heard of AriZona tea, you probably know that it’s a brand of iced tea that is linked to high blood sugar and weight gain. This sweet drink was created by a Brooklyn company and was originally called Snapple. However, the name was changed to reflect its Arizona roots, and the tea is now known to be a popular beverage among skateboarders. As such, the name is a bit confusing for people who don’t know about the history of the brand.

The AriZona brand has made a comeback with its sweet, icy tea. Though the company’s history dates back to the 1930s, this drink was not widely available until 1991. A Snapple truck began unloading cases of the product in the New York area, and soon, the company was selling it in 16-ounce cans. By 2002, the company had become the fourth-largest seller of ready-to-drink teas in the United States.

While AriZona is an excellent choice for sweetening your morning latte, it also has a history. In February 1991, two Brooklyn guys launched a coffee-shop that sold the drink. By the summer, they had sold almost eight million cans of the drink, and 80 percent of the sales came from four markets. The tea had gone from nowhere to fourth place in the U.S. ready-to-drink market.