Aloha Summer background

An Aloha summer background with a surfboard, flowers, and tropical foliage is free to download and use on your website, blog, or any other personal project. This colorful vector illustration has a royalty-free license and is available in high resolution of 5292 x 6350 pixels. The aloha style is reminiscent of the 80s, when summer meant fun and the island of Oahu was synonymous with the Hawaiian Islands.

Download this free Aloha summer picture and use it on your computer, desktop or blog! It’s made of tropical leaves and includes a surfboard. This seamless vector design is royalty-free, and comes in a 5292×6350 resolution. It can be used as your Image for personal projects, or for commercial projects. The download contains an easy-to-understand color scheme, and includes text in a variety of styles.