Ahsan Khan Family background


Ahsan Khan’s family wallpaper is quite interesting, and is often discussed in the media. Although born in England, the actor was raised in England with twin brother, Yasir. However, his family had been moving back and forth between Pakistan and the United Kingdom, and he later returned to his native country. He currently resides in Lahore, where he has studied English Literature.

Ahsan Khan is a popular Pakistani actor, producer, and TV host. He was born on October 9, 1981 in London, UK. His parents are both from Punjab. His twin brother Yasir Khan is also an actor. He has five siblings, including his twin brother, Ahsan. He graduated from Government College University, Lahore, with a Master’s degree in English literature. During the Ramadan of 2011, he had his first television appearance. He married a neighbor, Fatima, and they have three children together.