ada aquarium background

The ADA Aquarium Backings are a great way to add colour to your aquascape. They are easy to install and remove, and do not cause any damage to the aquarium. These products also come with a coloured film that matches the Light Screen. This gives your aquarium a natural looking backdrop. The coloured film also comes with hooks, which make it easy to hang them from the rear of the tank.
Add Beauty and Sophistication to Your Aquarium With an ADA Aquarium Background

Adding an ADA Aquarium Background can add beauty and sophistication to your tank. This light-reflecting film can be mounted on the back wall of your tank and is easy to install with the provided hooks. It is a versatile product that has a blue-gradation film which is a great accent to your aquarium’s theme. The ADA LIGHT SCREEN includes a dimmer switch which allows you to adjust the brightness to your liking.
ADA Aquarium Background – The Best Background For Your Aquarium

One of the best parts of owning an aquarium is the ADA Aquarium Background. This product is an LED backlight for the aquarium tank. You can install it on the rear side of the tank with the provided hooks. The coloured version has a gradient colour from sky blue to transparent. It gives the aquarium an authentic look. The coloured background is made specifically for the ADA Light Screen 60 and 90. It comes with a dimmer switch for optimal lighting. It can be used in different scenes in the Nature Aquarium. The ADA logo is on the back side of the screen. The hooks included with the product will enable you to attach it to the wall of your tank.