Acrylic Painting – Using a Brown background

When choosing an acrylic painting medium, be sure to read the instructions carefully. Different types of paints have different applications, so you should understand what you’re using before you start. For beginners, a brown background can help you get started. For experienced painters, a light or dark wallpaper is easier to handle. Here are some tips to make your work stand out! This article is not a comprehensive guide to acrylic paints, but it should give you an idea of what you can do to improve your skills.

How to Create an Acrylic Painting With a Brown background


To create an acrylic painting with a brown background, start by creating the basic colors for the background. It is easy to mix primary colors in order to create the perfect brown. For example, orange and blue can be blended to form a base color. Altering the blue and orange mixture will produce different brown shades. In order to create a richer or dimmer shade of the color, add ultramarine blue. Once you have the basic colors, experiment with adding more tones of those colors until you reach the right color.