3D background Paper – Savage #01

You can also use a beautiful background picture to set the stage for a new branding campaign. For instance, a cool blue or purple background can help a product look more professional. It all depends on your preferences, however. Here are some ideas:. Add a photo, text or sticker. Or, make your own with your favorite quote. You can save your favourite picture for later or download it in high resolution. Whatever you choose, you’ll find it suitable for your needs.

Savage #01 Super White Widetone Seamless background Paper is a high quality pure white paper that is 9′ x 36′ in size. Its non-reflective surface and fine-tooth finish makes it perfect for events, banners, and classic pure white backgrounds. A Savage background paper is a great choice for professional photographers, video professionals, and filmmakers. The perfect choice for studios, advertising, and marketing campaigns, the Savage #01 is available in multiple sizes and colors.